Deuce Pineapple Open-Face Chinese Poker

deuce pineapple poker

Deuce Pineapple Open-Face Chinese Poker (Deuce Pineapple OFC) or 2-7 Pineapple Poker is a variant of Open-Face Chinese Poker that incorporates elements of Pineapple Poker. It is played with 2-3 players and follows similar rules to the standard OFC game, but with a few key differences. The main distinction is that players receive three hole … Read more

Is OFC Poker Solvable?

is ofc poker solvable

Open-face Chinese poker (OFC) is a variant of traditional Chinese poker that gained popularity in recent years. Unlike some other forms of poker, OFC does not involve betting or bluffing. Instead, it focuses on the strategic placement of cards in three separate hands: the “bottom,” “middle,” and “top” hands. Is OFC poker solvable? This would … Read more

Open Face Chinese Pineapple OFCP Royalties

ofcp royalties

When playing on CoinPoker, you are playing the OFC Pineapple version, here are the scoring charts for OFCP royalties: OFCP Royalties Awarded for the Bottom Hand: Straight +2 units Flush +4 units Full House +6 units Quads +10 units Straight Flush +15 units Royal Flush +25 units OFCP Royalties Awarded for the Middle Hand: Set … Read more

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