Open Face Chinese Pineapple OFCP Royalties

Please note, OFC Poker is no longer available to play on CoinPoker.

Here are the scoring charts for OFCP royalties:

OFCP Royalties Awarded for the Bottom Hand:

Straight+2 units
Flush+4 units
Full House+6 units
Quads+10 units
Straight Flush+15 units
Royal Flush+25 units

OFCP Royalties Awarded for the Middle Hand:

Set+2 units
Straight+4 units
Flush+8 units
Full House+12 units
Quads+20 units
Straight Flush+30 units
Royal Flush+50 units

Royalties Awarded for the Top Hand:

Sixes+1 unit
Sevens+2 units
Eights+3 units
Nines+4 units
Tens+5 units
Jacks+6 units
Queens+7 units
Kings+8 units
Aces+9 units
Trip Deuces+10 units
Trip Threes+11 units
Trip Fours+12 units
Trip Fives+13 units
Trip Sixes+14 units
Trip Sevens+15 units
Trip Eights+16 units
Trip Nines+17 units
Trip Tens+18 units
Trip Jacks+19 units
Trip Queens+20 units
Trip Kings+21 units
Trip Aces+22 units

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ofcp royalties


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