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  • Stakes from 400 uBTC to 40,000 uBTC
  • Crypto, play is uBTC

***CoinPoker has removed OFCP from its game offerings***

What is Open Face Chinese Poker?

Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is a variant of poker that has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among high-stakes players. The game is typically played by two to three players, and each player is dealt 13 cards face down to start the game.

Players must then arrange their cards into three separate poker hands, with two five-card hands (known as the “top” and “middle” hands) and one three-card hand (known as the “bottom” hand). The hands must be arranged so that the middle hand is stronger than the bottom hand, and the top hand is stronger than the middle hand.

Once all players have arranged their hands, they reveal their cards, and points are awarded based on the strength of each player’s hands. Points are typically awarded based on a predetermined scoring system, with different values assigned to different hand combinations.

One of the unique aspects of OFC is that players must arrange their hands in full view of their opponents, meaning that they can see some of their opponent’s cards as they are arranging their own. This creates an additional layer of strategy, as players must balance the strength of their own hands with the potential strength of their opponents’ hands.

OFC can be played for fun or for real money, and there are many different variations of the game, including Pineapple OFC, which allows players to draw and discard cards after the initial deal.

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  • What is the difference between OFCP and Pineapple OFCP?

    In both variants you are dealt five cards, which are placed on your board, in Pineapple OFC you are then dealt three cards at a time, placing two on your board and disposing of one, OFC receive one and place one card at a time on their board.

  • What are the origins of Open Face Chinese Poker?

    Starting around 2010, or soon after, the game was popular with high rollers and mainly started in Finland. Phil Hellmuth and Barry Greenstein were filmed playing the game on a private jet in the poker media, this and other high profile poker players playing the game helped its popularity.

  • Why does my poker site not offer Open Face Chinese Poker?

    Although OFC is very popular it is not mainstream like no limit hold’em is. To a certain extent Omaha has established itself on most poker operators sites, time will tell if more sites adopt OFC.

  • How many players can play Open Face Chinese Poker?

    Normally there is 2-3 players at any one time, table sizes are a lot smaller than other forms of poker due to each players hand comprising of 13 cards.

  • What is “Fantasyland”?

    This is achieved when a player makes a pair of queens or better on their top hand without fouling. The next hand they go into “Fantasyland”, where they receive all 13 cards at once, and there is no chance of a player fouling (unless by accident). More than one player can enter “Fantasyland”, and an advantage is that other players cannot see your hole cards on your board until the hand has ended.

  • Can you play Chinese Poker with just two people?

    Yes, you can.

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