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Get playing OFC Poker on BSB Poker, it is a poker club in one of the biggest unions in the world of Mobile Poker APPS, the Diamond Union.

One of the most important aspects for OFC players is game availability. OFC Poker within this club/union is plentiful, and you can normally almost always find a game running.

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PokerBROS is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Meanwhile the software on the Mobile Poker APP is slick and is restricted to mobile only, so you can have fun while on the go.

OFC Poker
Poker APP - OFC Poker

Set Up Guide

Below is a quick guide on how you get started.


  • Download The Mobile Poker APP (available on Apple & Android devices)
  • Join our club; CLUB ID: 24877 , Referrer ID: 416078
  • Contact @BSBPoker_Admin on Telegram for any help you may need on using the app, let them know your club ID & Referrer ID.

You are ready to play Poker!

No restrictions, players can play from any country, why not play with friends!!!

We would welcome you to join our Discord Group.

ofc poker
poker bros

The poker app is designed for fun, not real money games.

Want to learn more about OFC Poker? Visit our OFC Basic Guide page for more information.


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